Marq Foley

Marq Foley was a good friend of mine. He was the first person to encourage me to fly. He was always a source of great advice and I can think of several life-changing decisions that I made with his wise guidance. I attended his memorial service yesterday in Waynesboro.

I remember the first time I flew to Indiana, PA (KIDI). Heather was in college at IUP and I was only a student pilot. Marq flew me out and gave me tips along the way. After it got dark, he asked me if I knew the emergency landing procedures at night. I said that I knew them for daytime… I didn’t know they were different for night. They’re basically the same, he said. You look for a dark spot to land — hoping there are no buildings — and aim for it. When you get close enough that your landing light will reflect, you turn it on. If you like what you see, you go ahead and land. If you don’t like what you see, you turn off the light.

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I’ve decided to create this web site in order to document my flights, adventures, and other aviation ramblings.  I hope you enjoy it!

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